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Valuable tool for logistics and operations management

“EPIC has provided us with a valuable tool to analyze and execute logistics operations. The services and support provided by Expression Networks and Analyticx have resulted in a more efficient workflow to better serve our soldiers in the field.”

Donna Huggins, EPIC Program Manager, US Army Logistics Innovation Agency

Fantastic program management support

“The Analyticx team provide valuable program management support to our organization and put us on a path towards success. Their team helped us increase our efficiency and think smarter about our next steps and future strategy"

Brian McLaughlin, CEO, Lantian Development

Reliable and smart, this group really understands what is required when working with many different stakeholders

“Analyticx has been a great partner to us so far in the work we have done for the US Army and The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). They have helped tremendously in a program management and stakeholder management capacity and we are excited with their expanding role with us in the future.”

Abir Ray, Director of Business Development, Expression Networks

Great strategic thinkers!

“Analyticx helped us think through and create a new strategy for the D.C. Mayor's office using data analytics and social media. It was new, insightful and their team worked seamlessly with our organization throughout the entire process.”

Bill Black, CEO, Washington CIC