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At Analyticx, we work extensively with federal and other government agencies.

As a strategic consultancy serving public sector organizations throughout government, we work with agency leaders and managers to help them make decisions of immediate and enduring value, with greater predictability and less risk, and having profound outcomes.

Analyticx has an extraordinarily broad client base that crosses civil, defense, and homeland security agencies. Over the past 5 years alone, we have worked with hundreds of government agencies across our six mission areas:

  • Acquisition
  • Facilities and asset management
  • Financial management
  • Information and technology
  • Logistics and organizations
  • Human capital

Our clients are people like us, those who dedicate their lives to making our government more effective, to ensuring our nation is safer, stronger, and more prosperous. As a mission-driven company, we share their passion for public service. We help senior leadership solve the complex problems and leverage the exciting new opportunities that will accelerate the performance of our government.